Return and Refund Policy

It needs to be confirmed here that we follow the Law of the European and International Trade on Refund

> Reason for order Return
If the Quality supply do not meet buyer’s given quality order
If the Specification do not meet buyer’s given specification.
Wrong Product deliver from the agreed product
when Product is deliver later from the agreed date of delivery

All the reason above allow the buyer to return the order and ask for change of order or Refund.

How Long can I take to Return the order:

Immediately after the inspection at buyer Site

Reasons for Refund

As state above
when supply fails to supply
when Dalays with the delivery and can not meet up on time.

When Can I get my Refund

Follow the Law for refund, you will get your refund with in 30-90 days from the date of Confirmation
after this time check your account regularly.

Reasons For no Refund and Not Return

when good meet all requirement and buyer does not feel the need any for it
when the wrong specification was given by buyer
when 100% fault is that of the buyer

Can I cancel my Order?

Yes for sure you can have your order Cancel
3-4 days from the date of Innitial Payment for Order
Can I change my order

Yes, you are free to change your order within 3 days